Our off-the-shelf and customised training courses are designed to boost your skills

Our mission will be to support individual skills development by introducing a coaching system or group training sessions, and to ensure that trainees have fully mastered these skills.

The advantages


We support the introduction of an e-learning system, which will allow our training sessions to be maintained over the long-term with a simple, digital solution.


We do not follow the academic approach so there are no teacher monologues. A fun, interactive learning process is more efficient.


We rely on our experience to illustrate our points with interesting stories and practical examples. And our experts provide many lessons learned.


The objective of this approach is to help you become more autonomous and increase your capacity for self-learning.

Procurement coaching

  • Support with proposal of tools
  • Help with specific and/or complex calls
  • Individual follow-up or in small groups
  • Expertise


  • Creation of scenarios
  • Management of educational content
  • Events

Change management

  • Development of a communications plan
  • Organisation of workshops
  • Specific training on e-procurement or SAP software
  • Preparation of areas of training
  • On-line or classroom support


  • Development of a training plan
  • Activation of training materials
  • Evaluation through questionnaires/quizzes
  • Practical examples
  • Feedback
  • Multilingual trainers (English, Spanish, French)

Our off-the-shelf courses

  • Introduction to purchasing
  • Purchasing expertise (direct/indirect)
  • Class C strategy
  • SCM
  • GDPR
  • Anti-corruption
  • New obligation to employ disabled workers (OETH2020)
  • Blockchain

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