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Our concept is simple, without being simplistic: focus on what you do best, letting us get on with what we do best!

Procurement ; english {nom} procurement Emo ; latin {verb} to buy

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Our passion

Our passion gives us incredible and unlimited energy. It allows us to make progress and innovate, but it does need to be nourished and fulfilled. PROCEMO was created by a buyer with a great deal of passion for his profession, and it constitutes the key value on which our company is based. Joining the PROCEMO Group as a partner or member of the team is about prioritising your core business and your passions.

Our vision

Being visionary is about having the capacity to control a systems approach. Understanding: keeping an open mind, whilst coming up with realistic solutions. We maintain a culture of performance on a day-to-day basis. We are constantly on the lookout for new approaches and solutions that will shape tomorrow’s world.

Identifying intelligence

Our expert knowledge is absolutely crucial. Nevertheless, our expertise is nothing without a deep understanding of what partnership means. We recruit without discrimination and with respect for diversity. We are fully committed to finding consultants with an excellent capacity to adapt to your environment, thus encouraging synergies within your teams.

Making progress together

Since major projects are never brought to a successful completion alone, we draw our strength from our teams and partners. We believe in a form of group intelligence. Since the very start of our adventure, great importance has been placed on creating a close and sociable atmosphere within our group.


Two sectors to fulfil your
purchasing - supply chain - logistics


With PROCEMO and L&O, we offer strategic and operational solutions to guarantee the performance of major groups, small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups.

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Our specialist recruitment agency, Lynkus, supports company management in the recruitment of high-risk strategic resources.



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Key figures

Our key figures never lie !


customer satisfaction

Paying attention to our partners is exactly what you would expect from a service company. This figure is the result of our regular customer surveys, which allow us to secure our business and measure the satisfaction of our customers.


improvement projects

Why just stick to doing the job when we could encourage our partners to innovate? Our added value comes from our ability to go beyond simply providing a high level of service.


major awards

Les Echos magazine and the Financial Times listed us amongst their fastest growing companies in 2018 and 2019.

Once upon a time there was ... a buyer

My primary objective is to allow purchasing and supply chain departments to get a good overview of their companies so that they can improve performance.

Every company is unique, with its own DNA, expectations and strategies…and we need to understand these. Sharing our expertise allows us to find new and innovative solutions.

What motivates me most in this adventure is the fact that all our experiences are brought to life through our customers’ projects. A company’s evolution and development keep it in perpetual motion and ensure it is never caught off guard. I am proud of all that we have achieved so far and the people we have met along the way.

My wish for the future is for the PROCEMO Group to be a leading consultancy and recruitment group in the areas of purchasing, supply chain and logistics. I am well aware of the challenge this represents, but it is this individual and shared ambition that has allowed us to succeed so far and will allow us to succeed in the future.


Founder & CEO

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